Figure 2: Status of Closing DFAS' 332 Finance and Accounting Offices

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Figure 2: Status of Closing DFAS' 332
Finance and Accounting Offices
through fiscal year 1996
To be completed by
end of fiscal year 1998
Announced for
fiscal year 1997
Source: DFAS Plans and Management Deputate.
Three of the planned operating locations--Lexington, Kentucky; Newark,
Ohio; and Rantoul, Illinois--have not been formally scheduled for opening
at this time. The fourth planned operating location, at Memphis,
Tennessee, will be under the cognizance of the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers until the Corps completes its consolidation of finance and
accounting operations around fiscal year 1999. At that time, the Corps will
transfer the activity to DFAS.
Except for Honolulu, Hawaii; Norfolk, Virginia; Orlando, Florida; and San
Antonio, Texas, each operating location provides services to a single
military service. Honolulu serves all of the military services; Norfolk
serves Navy and Army customers; and both Orlando and San Antonio
serve Army and Air Force customers. In addition, Charleston, South
Carolina; Pensacola, Florida; and Omaha, Nebraska, provide civilian pay
service to all military services and defense agencies. Figure 3 shows the
locations of the 5 centers and 21 existing or planned operating locations as
of September 30, 1996. The primary customer (military service or defense
agency) of each center is shown in parentheses in the figure.
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GAO/NSIAD/AIMD-97-61 Financial Management

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